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Vacuum casting

Silicone molding

Lead time: 8 to 10 working days (including transport)
Production of 5 to 100 units

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Why choose vacuum casting?

Small batch of prototype parts can be made in polyurethane resin using vacuum molding in a silicone mold, based on a master machined in ABS, PMMA and PC.

Silicone material can be cast into a POM mold.


  • Several flexible, rigid, transparent and light-diffusing polyurethane resins
  • Possibility of overmolding and adding inserts


  • +/- 0.10 mm every 100 mm

Finishing options:

  • RAL or PANTONE paint references of your choice
  • Color options (close to the RAL reference of your choice)
  • Glossy surface condition (master polishing)
  • Matte surface condition (master sandblasting)

Our machinery and tools:

  • 25 vacuum casting machines
  • 4 heat chambers

Possible validations with vacuum casting

  • Esthetic
  • Assembly
  • Overall dimensions
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