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How can you cut machining costs?

Monday 18 april 2022

Do you have a project in CNC machining and a tight budget as well? We give you some tips to cut manufacturing costs of your prototypes & preseries!

Here are the points to watch out:

Design part:

- Keep your design simple.

- Design your parts to allow us to machine them in relief

- Avoid thin walls and features (thinner than 0,50mm, they may break).

- Add radius to ease machining process.

- Cavernous, slots, sculptured, surfaces… increase CNC machining time and costs.

- Are logos and texts necessary? You can save money by deleting them.


- You should use common materials to avoid the extra costs related to exotic materials which are rarer & more expensive.

- Favor the soft material use because they are easier to machine but have greater risk of dimensional instability.


Don’t more than it should: tight tolerances, bores … increase CNC machining costs.

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