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EC International Group: A sales team by your side

Tuesday 16 july 2019

Through its three subsidiaries in France, Italy and Spain, EC International Group, now has five technical-sales representatives in Europe, three of whom operate in France.

Made-to-measure support for your projects

ECIG and its CEO Jérémy Duchoud give pride of place to advising and going with our clients in their projects: "Our sales representatives are present on the field not only to meet our future customers and present our productions and know-how to them but also, and more importantly, to meet with our existing customers several times a year in order to can tailor our service to their needs and accompany them as best as possible for their future projects".

Optimal follow-up for all your projects

So that no information goes by the wayside, each technical salesman follows-up with a project manager to ensure your requests are being met with optimal service.

For EC International Group, it is important that each of its customers can continue to work on the way they are used to with the same contact person, someone who has taken the time to understand their particular set of needs, technical constraints and requirements.

We're here to ensure your satisfaction - that's our priority

To offer tailored support for all of your projects, our technical salesmen can also provide personalised advice to help you navigate throughout the manufacturing process: pick which technology or which materials suit best, for an optimal production of your prototypes, small runs and models.

Our technical salesmen can also be led to give presentations within your various departments (Tech Days) so as to meet all of your needs.

A growing sales team

EC International Group recently hired two sales assistants in France and Spain to organise meetings and book visits to fit in with their clients' schedules.

EC International Group is continually expanding its projects: from its Italian and Spanish subsidiaries the group plans to develop its sales team into two new continents by 2020.

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