EC International Group

EC International Group: a fleet of machines at the cutting-edge of technology

Tuesday 4 june 2019

It is to be able to produce high-quality products in record times that EC International Group has continually invested in machines at the cutting-edge of technology. This choice has led the group to build partnerships with Chinese companies that have all of the latest prototyping mechanical and technical innovations on site.

A competitive fleet of machines, vital for optimal quality

To uphold a high level of performance, companies need to regularly renew their fleet of production machines. It is often difficult to invest in French or European products as the payback periods can be particularly long.

That is why for the past 10 years EC International Group has worked with Chinese partners chosen for their skills but also for their "new generation" ultra powerful facilities mostly made up of renowned European, Japanese and Taiwanese brands specialised in plastic injection and machining equipment.

State-of-the art equipment at the cutting-edge of technology

The industrial estate of EC International Group's partners in China comprises machines equipped with the latest modern techniques, including 5 axis milling and high speed machining (HSM) able to produce high-precision finishes in a minimum amount of time.

The versatility of these machines means at EC International Group we are able to produce several products at the same time, catering to an entire customer order, which significantly reduces delivery times.

It has been with this powerful industrial estate and unrivalled production speed that the group has consistently been able to perform its customers' projects to a quality of service of the highest standards.

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