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Why choose and recommend EC International Group

Tuesday 21 may 2019

Choosing and recommending EC International Group means guaranteeing you will have excellent service. This is something the group has built its reputation on over the past 10 years, and continues to win the trust of its customers and partners today.

Optimum quality of service

From consultation through to delivery, EC International Group prides itself on offering its customers optimal service. The group's strength lies in being able to quickly respond to its existing and future customers' requests.

Jérémy DUCHOUD, EC International Group CEO, expands: "Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we assume that each customer expects an immediate response. This is why we respond to all of their questions, whether technical or commercial, within the same day or the following day at the very latest. It is not unusual for us to hear back from our customers saying they were surprised to receive their order from us while still waiting on a response from the competition."

A highly effective customer area

The group's service does not stop there. The company has created a highly effective customer area that can be accessed 24/7 via a client account. Customers can connect to their online account to check the progress of their project, from order to delivery, at any time.

Jérémy Duchoud adds: "Our clients receive an email at each stage of the project via an automatic update system. Once they have received their order, they can count on a highly reactive after-sales service team, with ever shorter wait-times, and we immediately change any faulty parts free of charge. We are the only group to offer this level of after-sales service."

Optimum quality of service is a golden rule at EC International Group that of course carries through to all of its European subsidiaries.

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